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How soon can I use my tub after it is repaired?

In most cases the unit it ready to use after the repair.

Can I use a bath mat in my tub?

Yes if you remove it between each use. Rubber mats can cause blisters in the finish if left in the tub.

Is it okay to use scotch brite pads or comet to clean my tub or shower?

No, you will ruin the finish in your unit. It is like using sand paper on the tub finish.

How do I clean & maintain the unit?

Use only liquid or gel cleaners such as Bath Brite Cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles or Lysol Bathroom cleaner. Next use Gel Gloss for shine & finish protection against water stains. Many companies recommend whiping down the unit after each use.

What is your warranty?

We have a one year warranty on our repairs.

Do you refinish tubs & showers?

No not at this time. Call us for a recommendation if we cannot help you with your tub repair.

What are other ways to protect my bath tub or shower?

Use a shower caddy for your soaps, bottles & cans. Never use drain cleaner, acid, cosmetics including hair remover, hair dyes, bleach & essential oils. These can ruin or stain the surface of the unit or cause damage to jetted systems.

Are you licensed bonded & insured?

Yes we are registered with The Department of Labor & Industries in Washington State. PATCHI*113C3.