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About us:

In 1982 Glenn Banning was working at a plumbing wholesale house as a receiving clerk and as an order picker for plumbing goods. He began to notice that fiberglass tubs stalls would occasionally arrive from the factory with cracks and would be set aside for repair. Plumbers who purchased these units would also damage them while installing and needed someone to fix them. The problem at the time was there were not a lot of repair companies that did tub repairs or did them well. The companies that did fiberglass and gel coat work did not come to the supply houses or into homes to do tub and shower repairs. Glenn saw that there was a need for a quality repair service for bathtub and shower stalls that were damaged and this was the beginning of The Patchworks.

As the business grew Glenn had to stop his job at the plumbing wholesale house to pursue fiberglass repair full time. His connections with the plumbing wholesale company proved to be very valuable. He would repair units that were damaged in their yard and in turn the wholesale company would refer The Patchworks to plumbers, builders, and homeowners who needed a repair service. Glenn had a great reputation as a reliable and qualified repair man. Soon the manufacturers of fiberglass and acrylic tubs were requesting The Patchworks to do their warranty work.

In 1986 Glenn incorporated his business and it became The Patchworks, INC. At about this time jetted tub systems were becoming popular with home owners. Another opportunity to be come proficient with these systems presented itself. To this day The Patchworks, INC is one of the few companies that the manufacturers use for their jetted tub repairs.

The Patchworks, INC installs mood lights, extra jets, inline heaters, relocates pumps, troubleshoots and repairs electrical systems for most of the jetted tub manufacturers. The also service the newer air tubs.

What sets The Patchworks, INC apart from other tube repair companies? It is their willingness to take on the big problems along with the everyday repairs. Not only will they do the chips and small crack repairs, but they are able to take on the big jobs such as rebuilding cracked and weak tub or shower floors. The also can help those who are no longer able to step over the tube shower apron. This is done by cutting out the apron and converting the tub shower to a walk through shower. This can save the customer thousands in remodeling costs.

Whether you have a small chip or a major crack, give The Patchworks, INC the opportunity to solve your tub and shower problems. You will not be disappointed.